Storm Damage Photo Gallery

The floor in an isle of a local Walgreens store has a puddle of water and a caution sign is warning customers of wet area.

Clean up on isle 10! 

This business experienced a water flood from burst pipe after rain storm. Our techs got on the scene, cleaned, sanitized and dried. All the work was done quickly as possible so they can get back to business. 
Do not wait until you have a loss to know who to call. Save our number and call us when you need us 617-903-5055!

Before and After Flooded Daycare Center

Flooded Daycare Center

If you are a business owner make sure you know who to call when you have an emergency!

At SERVPRO of Allston, Brighton & Brookline we help your business or home in the event of water damage, fire, mold, and bio hazard clean up.

This Daycare center in Somerville, MA knew exactly who to call and because of that we were able to remove the water, sanitize the building, and dry the carpets all before the center was open again for service. No down time for this business!!

Let SERVPRO Allston Brighton & Brookline do the same for you call us 617-903-5055

Carpet Removal After Storm

This home on Common Ave, MA experienced a flood in their basement after rain storm. Their sump pump had a malfunction. Our team had to remove the carpet so we could ensure the flooring below is dry. 

Job was completed in just a few days and the customer was happy. Let us help you in your time of need 617-903-5055! 

Pipe Burst in Home

This home in Newton, MA experienced a pipe burst that created mold growth throughout the bathroom. Our team is actively removing the tiles to ensure no further damage is done on the surface below the tiles. 

At SERVPRO of Allston, Brighton & Brookline our team will fix what is damaged and save what is salvageable. This will help keep cost low and ensure the job finishes on time! 

Call us when you need us 617-903-5055.

Mold in Attic

This home in Cambridge, MA experienced mold growth after major rain storm. Our team was called to assess the area and provide cleaning. In the picture our tech is applying plant based microbial to the ceiling of the attic. 

At SERVPRO of Allston, Brighton & Brookline we ensure every nook and crevice is cleaned to avoid the return of mold. We do it right the first time! 

Call us today if you believe you may have mold  617-903-5055.

Flooded Apartment Complex

This apartment complex experienced a flood after a major downpour of rain. We were able to capture the flooding as it seeped into the building. Because of our fast response time we were able to dry the site as soon as possible to avoid mold growth. 

The property manager was happy he had our number on speed dial! We can do the same for you so add SERVPRO of Allston, Brighton & Brookline to your vendor list 617-903-5055!